Frameworks & Libraries

Creating Moments from scratch could be tedious and time consuming. If you wish to build something fast, you can take advantage of some lightweight frameworks and tools. Here we list some of them.

Over the last few months we have decided to leave JQuery and converted most of our Moments to vanilla javascript. The effort was motivated by a need for increased performances at load time.

However, as the Moments are getting more complex and advanced, we have decided to take advantage of the newest frontend libraries and tools to deliver quality Moments faster while keeping the bundle size as small as possible.

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Although most of stagecast's Moments are built in vanilla javascript, we suggest you build your Moments using either React.js, Vue.js or Elm.

Why React.js?

Without considering the endless list of web components available online. Stagecast is planning to create a set of components specific for the Moments and already customized to meet Stagecast's UI/UX principles.

If you have a complex State that needs to be managed in-app, you can take advantage of Redux. Just beware the final bundle size might grow more than you wold like to.

Why Vue.js?

Vue.js is extremely lightweight and offers a development experience that is more similar to vanilla Js. This is the perfect choice for mid-complexity Moments focused on performance. It's usually the go-to choice for most moments.

Why Elm?

All things considered, is an extremely lightweight and performant library. If you fill like experimenting a new tool, this should be among your choices.

Tools to Bootstrap

Option 1: Create React App

This is a good option if you want to create a complex single page app.

Option 2: Neutrino

This is a lightweight and easy-to-configure framework that uses Webpack and presets to allow you to use all the ES6 features without worrying about the setup.

Among the others, neutrino allows you to build:

  • React app

  • VueJS app

  • React components